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since Shingo decided to leace GR this month, we plan to send him greeting/card/letter farewell on GOTCHAROCKA live 30th March
but because friends who will hand it going to Japan on 13th March,
so for who want to join please send your card/message/lette to us via
DM on twitter @GR__INA
facebook  “https://www.facebook.com/gatcharocka.ina ” 
or email gr_ina@ymail.com
before 7th March 2014
Thank you (♥^G^♥)R
*thanks to @Relawan_kONser

GR Indonesia Street Team is having this fan project going on, those interested can send your messages to Shingo over! :)
They will be dropping the messages directly into the present box outside the live venue on 30th March 2014.
Please contact them directly if you need more details~
(c) gotcharockatrans
2014-02-28 - Bass真悟の脱退についてのお知らせ

Shingo leaving GOTCHAROCKA


Bad news.

It has been announced that Shingo will be leaving GOTCHAROCKA. Due to differences in direction, family matters and health condition, he feels that he can no longer continue band activities with GR. As such, his last live with the band will be on 30th March 2014. 

Jui, Jun and Toya will continue band activities as a 3 member band from April.

The 2 month consecutive singles that were supposed to be released in May and June will be pushed to June and July instead.  

2014-02-14 - Valentine Special Live 「Moran VS GOTCHAROCKA」 -
Takadanobaba AREA